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Top foods for a prosperous Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is not only a wonderful celebration, but also a time to enjoy culinary rife with meaning and symbolism. Below Flavors of San Juan shares with you the top foods to ensure a prosperous and happy year to come.


Tangerines And Oranges

Tangerines (wealth) and Oranges (good luck)

Represent: happiness and abundance
How to:  display as decorations or exchange  as gifts. Always offer them with both hands. It’s polite for the recipient to refuse at first, so keep trying. Don’t group them in fours,this number is associated with death.  It’s good if they have leaves which symbolize longevity

Long Noodles

Long Noodles

Represent:a nice long life

How to: keep them as long possible for a long life , shouldn’t be cut or broken into pieces



Pomelo (grapefruit)

Represents: family and the hope that the family will remain large and whole, also a symbol of abundance.

Long Leafy Greens

Long Leafy Greens

Represent: wish for a long life for one’s parents
How to: Serve whole (such as Chinese Broccoli)

Whole Fish

Represents:  abundance and plenty; the body of the fish represents family unity or togetherness
How to: serve with the head and tail intact (serve whole) and save half for the next day (insures symbolic abundance for the future) Buy the freshest fish possible, clear eyes and a clean non-fishy smell. When serving guests, place the fish on the table facing them as a sign of respect and welcome.


Represent: a sweet life in the new year.


Represent: fertility,  happiness and repels evil spirits
How to: pomegranate juice, seeds in salads or add to marinades or us garnish. They make an eye popping garnish too, especially when paired with slivered  Red Foods Represent happiness, purity, celebration, health, luck

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