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Three Unique Restaurant Picks in Old San Juan

Culinary exploration is one of the best parts of traveling. In Puerto Rico it is no different. Here you can taste platanos, piña coladas, craft cocktails, and savory alcapurrias, among other delicacies. Each food tour we lead at Flavors of San Juan has one goal: that guests leave Puerto Rico with the knowledge and understanding of what authentic food is and tastes like.

Here we highlight 3 special places we love:

Cafe El Punto

1. Café El Punto

Café El Punto is a local restaurant and artisan shop. Punto offers their guests a place to savor authentic food with local products. Their inspiration is “la cocina de abuela” (grandmother’s kitchen) and that is exactly what you will find: mofongos, stuffed avocados, alcapurrias and beans stewed with house sofrito.


2. ChocoBar

Chocolate Cortés is a 4th generation, family-owned chocolate manufacturing company that has one obsession: chocolate. Every dish on their menu features chocolate in some manner. In

Puerto Rico “Chocolate Cortes” is ubiquitous, being found even in Caribbean Cinemas in the form of hot chocolate served alongside buttery popcorn. It is a must visit while in Old San Juan.


3. PiraRum

Pira-Rum has brought the tradition of Old San Juan to cocktails. Piraguas, shaved ice with different flavors (like snow cones) sold on the streets converge in PiraRum to form unique cocktails like the pina colada, mojito and other fruity combinations. Sip and cool off in this tropical atmosphere where you can enjoy modern tapas like bolitas de mampasteo, spicy crab nachos and truffle fries. The vibe is youthful and inviting.

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