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Off the Eaten Track in Old San Juan

Our very own fearless leader and founder of Flavors of San Juan, Leslie Prado, has published her list of Puerto Rico’s best foodie secrets. The Lonely Planet article explores the best hidden foodie gems in Old San Juan. The best part? Many of these finds are featured on our Old San Juan Food Tour, which means you don’t have to go too far to find them.

“A foodie trip to Puerto Rico might evoke images of traditional island fare: red beans and white rice, lechón – a roasted suckling pig – or even the island’s ubiquitous signature dish mofongo, made with garlicky smashed green plantains stuffed with meat or vegetables. Do a little searching, though, and you’ll find that clandestine culinary secrets ripple just beneath the surface.

Puerto Rican food is a varied mix thanks to its multicultural past. Influences from the peaceful hunter-gatherer Taínos manifest in the uses of cassava, ñame, yuca and other root vegetables, as well as the tradition of mashing corn, spices, medicinal herbs and other assorted ingredients with a maceta y pilón (mortar and pestle). West African culture also played a key role in shaping the island’s foodscape by introducing frying as a cooking method. Spaniards brought livestock and a couple of other items you might not expect  mango and plantain. These fruits weren’t indigenous to the island, but are now an iconic part of it…”

Check out the full article here!

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