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Most Romantic Restaurants in San Juan 2017

Virgina Woolf said it best when she wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” With Valentine’s Day right around the corner its time to start thinking about where exactly you’re going to wine and dine with that special someone this year. We’ve gathered a list of our very favorite romantic spots in San Juan to make you feel like you’ve been struck by Cupid.

Patio del Nispero

This restaurant, which can be found in the courtyard of the historic Hotel el Convento, allows guests to enjoy their evening underneath the hotel’s magnificent nispero tree. Because it is only a few blocks from El Morro, this restaurant is the perfect place to start or end your day with a delicious breakfast or dinner.

Patio Del Nispero - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants


At first glance, you may not even know that Perla is a restaurant! With its unique shell shape, Perla is the “signature dining room of the Concha Hotel.” This luxury spot serves American seafood cuisine and houses over 1000 different types of wine, making it a wine lover’s dream. To add to the already romantic atmosphere, Perla is offering a four-course Valentine’s Day special.

Perla - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

Niche Bistro

With a soft and elegant ambiance, Niche Bistro is the best place to take your very special someone if you want a truly intimate and dreamy experience. The combination of French and Puerto Rican flavors offers a unique twist on two different cultures.

Niche Bistro - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants


Want dinner with a view? Look no further than Yantar. With a stunning view of the Condado Lagoon, this restaurant combines breathtaking sights with Spanish-Caribbean fusion. Consistently rated as one of the top 5 restaurants in Puerto Rico, a date here would really impress your special someone!

Yantar - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

Verde Mesa

In an island dominated by heavy and meat-based meals, Verde Mesa serves as a sanctuary for couples who are looking for vegetarian and seafood options. With its eclectic and trendy interior, Verde Mesa is a modern and intimate spot perfect for a romantic night on the town. Be sure to get their early if you plan on going for Valentine’s Day because they don’t take reservations.

Verde Mesa - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

La Cucina di Ivo

If you’ve ever wanted to eat Lady and the Tramp style then head right over to La Cucina di Ivo. With portions big enough to split between two people and the most authentic Italian cuisine on the island, La Cucina di Ivo will truly make you feel like you’re in “amore.” Don’t leave without trying their tiramisu!

La Cucina - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano

Great music, mouthwatering food, and an intimate setting all combine to make Carli’s a top choice for any romantic occasion. Sit outside to enjoy the warm Caribbean breeze, or head inside to be charmed by Carli Munoz himself, an accomplished and entertaining jazz musician. Thanks to the music and unique decorating, stepping into Carli’s feels like your taking a trip back in time. This restaurant is also a stop on our San Juan food tour!

Carli'S - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants


Something about Italy just screams romance and Nonna captures that perfectly. With a massive menu and healthy wine list, there is something for everyone at Nonna. Seafood lovers will go crazy for their squid ink linguini. The atmosphere is both rustic and classic, serving as the perfect setting for an enchanting dinner with your valentine.

Nonna - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

Al Fresco

A romantic night out isn’t truly complete until you’ve both wined and dined. Al Fresco is the best place for an after dinner glass of wine on a romantic rooftop in old San Juan. You’ll be hard pressed to not fall in love while enjoying the light breeze and dazzling views of Old San Juan. As one of our partner restaurants, Al Fresco has a special place in our heart.

Al Fresco - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants


If you’re looking to celebrate a big anniversary (or maybe even pop the question!) then a dinner at 1919 is the best way to go. A dinner at 1919 is far from typical, with wine pairings and top-notch treatment from beginning to end. You can choose from a fixed four-course meal or dine a la carte, but for the full experience, you have to opt for the four-course meal. As one of the most expensive and luxurious options on this list, a dinner at 1919 should definitely be saved for special occasions.

1919 - San Juan'S Most Romantic Restaurants

Tasting Puerto Rico

If you want to take all the guess work out of your meal this Valentine’s Day then check out Tasting Puerto Rico’s list of restaurants offering special Valentine’s Day menus.

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