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2013’s Noche de San Juan is shaping up to be the island’s most eco-friendly beach party yet! This year’s educational campaign Tirate de espalda, pero no tires la basura (Throw yourself into the water backwards, but don’t throw your trash), sponsored by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company in collaboration with Scuba Dog’s Society, aims to educate festival-goers about their responsibility to keep the beaches clean. Not only will there be inititatives to recycle, prizes given away to those who return bags full of trash, but special measures will be taken to protect the island’s Tinglar (leatherback sea turtles, the largest of all living turtles!) nest! So this year while you celebrate Noche de San Juan on the beach, be sure to throw it down Puerto Rican style, but remember to pick it up!

Mikol Hoffman, manager of Puerto Rico’s *original* culinary tour company Flavors of San Juan Food & Culture Tours. Contact info: info@flavorsofsanjuan.com 

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