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Urban Market in heart of San Juan

Seeking home grown, natural and off the beaten path products with an ocean view, my daughter and I set out this past week (the 1st Sunday of the month) to La Ventana al Mar (a window to the sea) to the Mercado Urbano (urban market) for some shopping and eating!

Mark the Mercado Urbano as a “must do” if you’ll be in town during this time period. Remember: first Sunday of every month. The Mercado Urbano (Urban market) is set up at La Ventana al Mar in the walkable San Juan neighborhood of Condado, Puerto Rico. Parking can be dicey since there’s no dedicated parking (hey, you’re in a city). So it’s street parking or parking at Hotel La Concha next door.

Why you should go: Protected from the sun, you’ll shop under big tents while the ocean breeze wafts through and reminds you “yes, I am on vacation.” What will you shop for? All things local and homemade/home grown ranging from honey, lotions, flowers, breads, cupcakes, musical instruments, soaps, teas, lechon (pork roasted to perfection), rice and beans, cheese, vinegars, wines, sangrias, ice cream, local sweets, and on and on! They also feature salsa music sometimes to add to the island vibe.

It’s definitely a cultural experience and a must do while in San Juan as a resident or visitor.

Hints for enjoyment:

1) Urban market (Mercado Urbano) runs the 1st Sunday of the month 9am to 5pm (but the earlier you get there the better the selection)

2) Wear covered shoes because there can be mud from the open air/grassy area where the market is held


Cool photos from our trip to the urban market:


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