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Santurce Es Ley 2014: Arts & Music Festival #sel5

The 5th edition of the urban arts and music festival, Santurce es Ley, is in full swing this weekend August 8, 9, 10 in the Santurce neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The 3-day celebration focuses on the transformation of a once forgotten community through art and intervention. What began as a small group of artists and gallery owners coming together to paint a mural on the dilapidated Cerra Street has evolved into the biggest contemporary art festival in the Caribbean, with over 15,000 visitors attending the activities.


The weekend activities now include not only the festival’s hallmark urban murals but also experimental art installations, open studios, exhibitions in local galleries, live painting, concerts, DJs, food trucks, and much more. Approximately 100 international and local artists participate in the festival, such as Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil), Seth Globepainter (France), Cyrcle (USA) as well as locals Carmelo Sobrino, Pedro Rivera, Patricia Esperanza, Omar Obdulio, Abey Charrón, Juan Salgado, Yehimar Abyisys, Istmo, Kreate, and Colectivo Moriviví, among others.


The festival takes place around the iconic and brightly painted Calle Cerra on Friday and Saturday from 12pm -12am and then moves to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico on Sunday after 11am.


For the Santurce Es Ley official program: http://c787studios.com/santurceesley5/programa-oficial-santurce-es-ley-5/


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