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Real St. Lucia Tours

Traveling to the stunning island of St. Lucia? Then check out our friends Real St. Lucia Tours for all your travel needs! Want to know more about them and what they do? Read their guest blog post below:


St. Lucia Tours


Who is Real St. Lucia Tours?

If you are looking to see St Lucia in ways that you simply can’t by staying at a high end resort, then day trips and excursions are definitely for you.  Real St Lucia Tours specializes in offering the best excursions for travelers of all types, and they do it with a customer centric approach that has left them with thousands of satisfied customers.  If you are looking to take a tour with a driver who is also a certified tour guide and happy to share stories and facts about this marvelous island, then look no further!

The trips offered by Real St Lucia Tours are incredibly varied, from ziplining across the island to exploring a drive-in volcano where you can sip local rum punch and even enjoy a dip in the healing hot mud.  There are also excursions that can take you scuba diving or to see some of the plantations and historic buildings that have made such an impact on the island over the years.  No matter what you consider the perfect adventure, Real St Lucia Tours has something for you.  Don’t settle for sitting by the pool your entire trip… St Lucia is an island packed with adventure and history and you will get so much more from your trip by taking the time to explore it!

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