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Addictive rice and beans recipe


Delicious rice and beans recipe Nothing beats a nice rice and beans when you really crave it. Every Puertorrican can attest to that! Doesn't matter if you cook the beans and rice separate or all together, its delicious. Ingredients 2 cups of large rice 3 cups de red beans, softened 2  cups of water 1 spoon [...]

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Try our Mojito Recipe, one of the favorite cocktails in the world!


Mojitos, originated in Havana Cuba, are one of the favorite cocktails in the world! Thousands or even millions of people thinks a cocktail mojito is the best refreshing drink anytime and any day. We couldn't agreed more.  The original Cuban mojito recipe uses mint or yerba buena, a mint variety very popular on the island. Its combination of sweetness, [...]

Try our Mojito Recipe, one of the favorite cocktails in the world!2017-07-12T14:37:52+00:00

Don Q Rum punch recipe= the best!


We have research what's the best summer recipe for 2017 and we got it: Don Q rum punch! This Puerto Rican Rum Punch will have you thinking of gentle breezes of Summer, island music, and the perfect next Summer get together. This recipe is courtesy of Don Q Rum: Ingredients 1 ½ oz. DonQ Gold [...]

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Mofongo and Chicken in Criollo Sauce Recipe


There are few dishes in Puerto Rico that are as treasured as mofongo. It's as classic as a refreshing piña colada, and you'll be hard pressed to find a restaurant on the island that doesn't offer it. Mofongo is made from mashed plantains, crunchy pork rinds, and flavorful garlic and is usually served right out of the [...]

Mofongo and Chicken in Criollo Sauce Recipe2016-07-01T08:34:09+00:00

Guava & Cheese Empanadas


Guava & Cheese Empanadas Fun and funky recipe by our very own Epicurean Guide and Assistant Manager, Alexandra Ostolaza! Ingredients: 3/4 cup goat cheese Juice of 1 lemon  or lime (just enough to melt the cheese and make it into a slightly runny paste) 1/2 cup of guava paste, sliced thinly, small enough to fit [...]

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Quinoa con habichuelas/ Black beans and Quinoa


Rice and beans, or arroz con habichuelas, is one of the most common staple dishes in Puerto Rico, paired with practically any main dish you could think of. Growing up, we all ate rice and beans with dinner AT LEAST every other night! While beans are native to the Americas, rice was introduced to the Caribbean [...]

Quinoa con habichuelas/ Black beans and Quinoa2017-07-12T15:17:40+00:00



HIBISCUS TEA    Did you know that Puerto Rico's national flower is  the flor de maga (Maga Grandiflora)?  While it's very closely related to the common hibiscus flower, the maga's petals are larger and the flowers grow on large trees. It is endemic to the tropical climate of Puerto Rico and is grown as an ornamental plant with pink [...]

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Arroz con Dulce (Puerto Rican-style Rice Pudding)


This sweet treat is a Puerto Rican dessert that is traditionally served around the holidays (Christmas and New Years).  However many restaurants and homes serve this delicious dish year round. Our version of rice pudding is extra sweet and thick, made with coconut milk and flavored with spices like ginger. Enjoy! Ingredients:   1 ½ cup medium grain rice 6 [...]

Arroz con Dulce (Puerto Rican-style Rice Pudding)2015-03-11T13:06:05+00:00

PASTELON (Sweet Plantain Lasagna)


PASTELON (Sweet Plantain Lasagna) 2 lbs lean ground beef 1/2 large white onion, diced Sofrito 1/4 cup tomato sauce Sazon (with annato and cilantro) 2 garlic cloves, minced Olive oil or vegetable oil 2 Eggs 4-6 ripe plantains 4 6 ounces cheddar cheese (optional)Heat dash of oil, sofrito, Sazon, onion and garlic on medium heat [...]

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Summer Newsletter + Piña Colada Recipe


The latest installment of our Flavors of San Juan newsletter is up with loads of of cool updates and deliciously refreshing Puerto Rican summer recipes, like the Piña Colada below. To get the full, free newsletter directly in your inbox sign up here   Piña Colada   Ingredients: 1 cup of ice ½ cup pineapple juice [...]

Summer Newsletter + Piña Colada Recipe2014-08-03T11:00:39+00:00
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