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The 38 Essential San Juan Restaurants

Our very own Director of Operations, Mikol Hoffman, published her own guide to Puerto Rico’s culinary scene in Eater, the leader in foodie news and guides. Organized by neighborhoods and price points, this guide is the perfect way to discover the best places to eat and drink in San Juan. Be warned though, after reading this you may be tempted go and out and do some research of your own!

“In Puerto Rico, comida criolla is king, says San Juan native Mikol Hoffman. Though the phrase translates into English as “Creole food,” it’s unrelated to what we might recognize as “Creole” food in the United States. Instead, criolla food on la isla del encanto belnds indigenous influences with Spanish, African, and American traditions — and today, chefs are combining local produce with new cooking techniques to elevate these dishes to world-class status. “The island’s culinary scene is an eccentric mix of tastes, budgets, and influences,” Hoffman says, noting options from spit-roasted lechon and alcapurria fritters to beer-battered fish tacos and Spanish soups. That diversity, Hoffman says, “makes San Juan quite possibly the culinary capital of the Caribbean.”
Here now, in geographic order, the restaurants that represent the essential in San Juan dining, where the variety found in Old San Juan, Santurce, Ocean Park, and Condado is unrivaled elsewhere in Puerto Rico. After all, Hoffman says, “would you expect anything less from the birthplace of mofongo and the piña colada?”….”

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