Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours® was created to help travelers and locals discover the hidden culinary and cultural treasures in the off-the-beaten-path areas of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Our Story

The adventure started in 2008 when we launched our research inside the walled city by eating out…a LOT. We just couldn’t get enough delicious comida criolla (local food) and diverse architectural gems that dot this small but vibrant city (the oldest city flying under the United States flag in fact).

Suffice it to say we built some pretty amazing, strong relationships with chefs, locals and restaurant owners in Old San Juan and ate/drank some pretty amazing food. One of the chefs in Old San Juan even shut down his restaurant to attend the evening wedding of the company owners!

We were inspired to create San Juan’s *original* and finest culinary tasting and cultural tour in 2009 by the very spirit of the city, its people and cuisine. The Flavors team is proud to share our wealth of experience and discoveries with you. If we can tease your taste buds and share with you our passion with this city and island with the sights, flavors and way of life in Puerto Rico then we have accomplished our goal.

Eat Well, Be Inspired® is our motto, which we think everyone who loves to travel, explore and eat well can share and identify with.

¡Buen Provecho!

Our Team

LesliePresident & Foodie in Chief
Leslie began her professional career as a journalist after graduating from the University of Georgia, M.A. Mass Communications. She has written for CNN, Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Gwinnett Daily Post, Caribbean Business, Que Pasa Magazine and the Puerto Rico Daily Sun.
She traded in grits for mofongo when moving from Atlanta to the Caribbean in 2008. She met and married the love of her life, had a family and is now an honorary “Sorta-Rican,” with her home base in Puerto Rico.

Doing less writing and more entrepreneurship, Leslie was excited in 2009 to launch the first “food tour” in the Caribbean with Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours, which prior to her company was a previously unexplored business model in the region.

Through the years the Flavors brand has enjoyed a cult following in the region and we’re excited to share the “Flavors food tours” with you during your time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Eat Well, Be Inspired® is our motto, and we invite you to do just that!

YaribellDirector of Finance
Prior to joining the Flavors management team, Yaribell worked for a decade as the Compliance and Operations Officer at San Juan Asset Management. Before joining SJAM she worked as the CFO for a public corporation of the government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Yaribell earned her B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from The University of Puerto Rico. She is fluent in English, Spanish and salsa dancing.
A big fan of mofongo, homemade rice and beans and crème brulee, she’s found her perfect home here at Flavors. Her favorite travel experiences include visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Sunset Helicopter drive to the Grand Canyon in Colorado, a Gondolas tour in Venice, swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman and swimming with dolphins in Xcaret, Mexico

Fun fact: when she’s not salsa dancing or crunching numbers she’s taking care of her TWINS!

CristinaSenior Operations and Marketing Specialist
Cristina’s originally from San Juan, where she earned a degree in Labor Relations and and MA in Media Editing by the tender age of 26. She moved to NYC in 2012 only recently returned to her beloved island in 2017. Cristina’s always been inspired by people’s behavior and psychology, which led her to create Spiral of Bliss in 2012: a personal blog and forum that inspires readers to live more fulfilled lives. Most memorable travel experience -traveling in 2016 to 9 countries in 6 months! The countries that impacted her the most was: India and Japan. In her spare time she enjoys the company of loved ones, food, music, writing, dancing, and traveling. Something surprising: she can dance for more than 8 hours if the beat is right!
Nyrmah Operations Associate
When Nyrmah is not reading classic books, traveling to New York (which she calls a gateway to other cultures) or being daring and dipping oreos into orange juice for kicks she’s making sure your food tour experience runs 100% smoothly…and tastly (is that a word?)
A native of Dorado, Puerto Rico she has her BBA concentration in Accounting and a Certification in Theatrical Arts. She’s currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing.
GabrielaOperations Assistant
A self described trailblazer, Gabriela enjoys her free time in nature hiking and being in landscapes that are “completely overwhelming.” When not helping our Flavors foodies she’s busy earning her BA in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico.
Weirdest thing she’s eaten: fermented tofu, which is probably the farthest thing away from a nice steak.
CarmenSenior Epicurean Host
A native of Ponce, Puerto Rico – nicknamed the pearl of the south – Carmen left this Caribbean island to pursue studies in Massachusetts, returning to her island recently to be closer to family, friends and warmer weather.

While on tour you’ll find Carmen’s kind, sweet personality is contagious and we challenge you not to smile! When she’s not charming our foodie guests, you’re sure to find her around town on her bicycle cycling somewhere. An avid cyclist, Carmen is also passionate about yoga, hiking, comedy improve, history and speaks multiple languages.

JuanSenior Epicurean Host
Growing up in Barranquitas, a small mountain municipality located in the central region of Puerto Rico, JJ learned early on the joy of breaking bread with close family and friends, complete with a beautiful backdrop. He’ll bedazzle you with his thorough knowledge of Puerto Rico’s history, which he studied in university, paired with his fun local stories of life on a tiny, Caribbean island.
ShannonSenior Epicurean Host
Shannon began traveling at the age of 16 as a high school exchange student and has bounced around France, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, extensively through the United States and now calls Puerto Rico home.

From $2 late night pinchos and cans of Medallas or a mallorca paired with a real cup of coffee to upscale churrasco mofongo with creamy salsa al ajillo, this girl knows the Flavors of San Juan!

Favorite joke: Why don’t you ever see hippos hiding in trees?
Because they are so good at it!

GabiEpicurean Host
It would be easier to list all the capital cities than name all the place Gabby has been. Through her travels she’s learned to appreciate food, culture and is happy to share that passion with you. She’s earning her doctoral degree at the University of Puerto Rico in clinical psychology. If you ask nicely you might get a clinical workup with a side of mofongo.

Her fav joke: I hate Russian dolls… they’re so full of themselves.

PamelaEpicurean Host
Pam studied physical therapy and is passionate about helping others. In her spare time she helps deaf people learn sign language, enjoys hiking, dancing and reading. She’s also got a passion for shrimp – she loves it prepared every which way! In salads, mofongo, shrimp cocktail, you name it!

Her favorite joke:
Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?
Because she’ll let it go.

RickyEpicurean Host
You won’t be lost in translation with Ricardo! He’s earning his masters in translation at the University of Puerto Rico. He’s excited to share with you his passion for language, people, food and exploring their interconnectedness. Also as a vegetarian for more than a decade he’s got your back if you are also of the “green camp.”

His favorite joke?
What do you call a vegan post-punk band?
Soy Division

Paola Epicurean Host
Paola’s natural habitat is Old San Juan, a place she’s been visiting with her family since she was a child. Armed with a BA in Political Science and a minor in history, Paola will be prepared for any question you throw at her.
Most memorable trip: When she celebrated her Quincinera (15th birthday) and her father’s 50th birthday on a trip to Vancouver capped off with an Alaskan cruise.
Random fact: She listens to Disney music while baking cookies
Horacio Epicurean Host
Horacio is a master of yoga, karate, massage and ethnobotany- which means he can name every plant in Old San Juan while bending over backwards and doing a hi-ya kick followed by a back massage.
Drink of choice: plenty of fermented probiotic drinks, much to the chagrin of his housemates apparently
Craziest thing he’s done: how about walking through burning coal and fasting in nature for four days?
EvyEpicurean Host
EliezerEpicurean Host
NatalieEpicurean Host
AngelEpicurean Host
Now Hiring
Now HiringPart-Times Food Tour Guides
Do you know San Juan? Do you enjoy eating, talking about and exploring the wonderful world of food? Can you entertain a crowd, make them laugh and have them literally eating out of the palm of your hand?
If so, get paid for it with us! We are always on the lookout for energetic, passionate and empathetic people to work as a part-time or freelance tour guide. Email your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d be the perfect Old San Juan food tour guide to foodies(at)globalflavorspr.com

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