Over here at Flavors of San Juan we are super excited to get this blog up and running so that we can share the fun things that are happening with Flavors! For our first post we thought it would be appropriate to do a summary of our most popular offerings – our foodie walking tours! Each tour is unique and a boutique experience, we keep our groups to a manageable size so guests can truly enjoy the tour and get the most out of it. We promise that you won’t be following a guide holding a flag a block away because the group is too large! The more personal the experience the better we have always said. Take a look at our 3 most popular offerings below, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us!

Signature Dinner Tour

Price: $79 per person
Runs: Nightly 5 pm – 7:30 pm

The dinner tour is by far our most popular tour! We visit 4 locally owned restaurants during the tour, usually the courses consist of an appetizer stop, two main course stops and a dessert stop with coffee. The tour also includes 2 alcoholic beverages. In between the restaurant stops the tour guide will walk the historic streets of Old San Juan with guests and tell them about the island’s rich history and culture. It’s like a two for one, a historical tour and a food tour combined!

Foodie Lunch Tour

Price: $69 per person
Runs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 am – 1 pm

Our Foodie Lunch Tour is a great option for families with children, since there are no age restrictions for the lunch tour. The lunch tour is a lot like the dinner tour described above. We visit 3 locally owned restaurants during the tour (appetizer, main course, dessert). The tour includes 1 alcoholic beverage and of course for our younger guests (the drinking age in PR is 18 years) we substitute that for a different non-alcoholic drink, like a virgin pina colada! It is pretty hot during the day, so we recommend you bring a water bottle with you and wear sunblock or a hat if you are sensitive to the sun. The Puerto Rican sun is no joke!

Local Market Tour

Price: $49 per person
Runs: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11:30 am – 1 pm

This is our newest offering and we are very excited to share the local market with visitors to the island! Our knowledgeable guide takes you through a local market dating back to the early 1900’s. Guests get the chance to sample some of Puerto Rican’s favorite snacks like a fresh fruit smoothie and Puerto Rican fritters as well as learn about the history of the market and the island’s unique produce. Guests will also be able to purchase some unique souvenirs sold at the market if they choose, and the tour guide can recommend what’s a good buy!

We are always cooking up new tours and experiences here at Flavors, so keep checking back with us!

Buen Provecho!