SENIOR GUESTS: We invite the whole family to experience our cuisine-centered tour experiences. However guests should note that our Old San Juan Food Tours are 3 hours in length and feature a lot of standing and walking.

Our walking food tour tasting locations are a mixture of relaxed seating at partner restaurants and tastings that are shorter and faster paced which have no designated seating for each guest. This allows us to cover 5 restaurants in 3 hours, plus historical and cultural areas of interest in the Old City. Guests should also be comfortable walking about 2.5 miles (10,000 steps) over cobble stoned streets, walking a flight of stairs and strolling up/down hills.

CHILDREN: We offer tickets at a special lowered price for children (children 9 and under are considered children but they receive adult portions. Kids 2 and under free but no food provided)

Families are welcomed on the tour, but please keep in mind some children have a limited attention span and may not enjoy the historical and cultural aspects that are a part of our tour offerings (especially the standing/walking involved across the 3 hour tour), but we ultimately leave it up to the parents to decide if our tours are right for them.