Safety Certificate

Relax, you can enjoy Old San Juan and its delicious culinary offerings in safety with Flavors Food Tours in San Juan.

To ensure the safety of our Flavors guests, our guide team and vendor partners are taking the following precautions, as required by the Puerto Rican government: 

*Guests and guides must have temp of 100.3 Degrees F or less (touchless thermo scanners will be used)
*Guests and guides are expected to wear masks 100 percent of the time during the tour unless consuming food/drink (required)
*Guests/guide will wash hands upon arrival to food stops and upon leaving will sanitize hands (required)
*Restaurant partners are limiting capacity in their establishments to allow for physical distancing (required)
*All restaurant shared items (salt/pepper/hot sauce/ menus) are off the table and will be provided to guests in single servings
*Guide will be cognizant of physical distancing during tour with guests and also help them navigate potentially congested areas

  — there may be changes or additions to the above procedures as time goes on and as regulations change —

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Have a Flavorful Day,

Leslie and Fernando Padró
Flavors Food Tours Founders